Peaceful Abstract Landscape Paintings

I love painting abstract landscape paintings whether they are large scale or small and portable. I use museum grade cotton canvas and acrylic paint. I have always been inspired by nature and I love to bring beautiful landscape artworks to life where they can anchor a living room, make a master bedroom more vibrant or bring peace to the waiting room of a medical practice.

In my Etsy shop, you will find all of my currently available landscape paintings, canvas prints and wall decor sets. With unique nature-inspired color and  intentional brushstrokes they will uplift and elevate your space.

Almost all of my landscape paintings have a sense of warmth or light shining through as a symbol of possibility. I create each piece to be inspiring and open to interpretation by the viewer.

My landscape canvas artworks are perfect for home or office. The 20x60 and 40x60 large horizontal paintings work well for master bedrooms and guest rooms where artwork is needed above the bed. It is also popular for my clients to hang these horizontal pieces in  living rooms above the couch or sofa. Business clients are fond of hanging horizontal art in long, narrow hallways to add color and comfort. 

The diverse color combinations in my modern landscape canvas prints make them popular with business clients. Clients include hotels and hospitality companies, corporate offices, medical clinics, hospitals, restaurants, vacation rentals and public buildings. 

My art is sold in a range of sizes so that you can customize your space exactly as needed. I sell extra large canvas prints in sizes ranging from 20x60 to 32x48 to 40x60 inches. These are great for large walls or rooms where grand art is desired. You can often order the same pieces in miniature to small sizes such as 10x10 , 11x14 or 16x20 inches. I also sell canvas gallery wall sets with multiple panels. 

I am able to paint custom abstract landscape paintings on canvas to meet specific needs as well. If you need a size you don't see in my shop or have a creative project you want to see come to life, please contact me so we can work together to make it happen!

Landscape Offerings Include:

Mid Century Modern abstract landscape canvas art

Neutral minimalist landscape paintings on canvas

Abstract geometric landscape prints on canvas

Rustic modern farmhouse landscape artwork

Coastal abstract landscapes with beach grasses

Southwestern landscapes in warm southwest colors

Minimalist desert landscape art in warm colors

Client Rave

"We recently remodeled our house and we needed some art for our walls. We purchased an original abstract painting from a different artist, which was quite costly, and needed something to compliment it in the same room that was affordable. This canvas is perfect. We love the colors and it’s a quality piece. It was delivered quickly and packaged well."


 Chula Vista , CA