Abstract Paintings Tell a Unique Story

Abstract art provides a visual language of composition and color to tell a story to each individual viewer, depending on their creative interpretation.  One of my favorite aspects of abstract artwork is that it opens the door for people to interact with the art in unique and personal ways.

I have long been fascinated by abstract art. Almost all of my abstract paintings have a sense of warmth or light shining through as a symbol of possibility. I create each piece to be uplifting and inspiring. 

Abstract art creates a mood that's perfect for home or office. Whether you need art above the bed in the form of a peaceful landscape or above the couch in your office or business waiting room, there's an abstract painting that will be a perfect fit.  

My works are sold in my Etsy shop in multiple sizes so that you can customize your space exactly as you desire. I sell extra large canvas panels in sizes ranging from 20x60 to 32x48 to 40x60 inches. You can often order the same pieces in small or miniature sizes such as 10x10 or 11x14 inches. I also sell canvas gallery wall sets of multiple panels. 

I am able to create custom paintings or design canvas prints to meet specific needs as well. Need a size you don't see in my shop or have a creative project you want to see come to life? Contact me and let's work together to bring your artistic idea to life.

My abstract styles include:

Abstract Impressionistic Art

Abstract Landscape Art

Abstract Coastal Wall Art

Abstract Mid Century Modern Art

Abstract Southwestern Art

Abstract Minimalist Art

Abstract Desert Art

Abstract Contemporary Fine Art

Client Testimonial

"Debby Neal's original abstract art is the perfect addition to our master bedroom.  It hangs above the bed where it inspires us every morning! We love it!" 


Austin, Texas "